Encrypt Your Keyboard to avoid Keyloggers

The world is very dangerous , millions of hackers are spying on you what you type , what you chat , what you buy , etc and this article is about to make sure you are secured from the keyloggers and other spying software’s which logs your activity.

While you are busy in having fun with your bae someone is monitoring you , your keys are being logged and it could be anyone including your own father.

So to avoid this encryption is one of the best method just like a treatment of a snake poison is from the poison of a snake , encryption will kill encryption yes because when anti viruses are unable to detect the virus because the virus is encrypted at that time encrypting your keystrokes may help you to avoid the keyloggers.

There is one software available over the internet whos name is ” Key Scrambler ” which is one of the best software to encrypt your keys what ever you type and it encrypts every single key which you type and the best thing is that this software is a FREE Software for personal use but for commercial use or for business purpose you will have to buy it.

The keyscrambler is being used by BBC , USA Today , Tech Republic and many more. and you can download the key scrambler from their official website ” https://www.qfxsoftware.com/ “

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