Google Pay APP Hangs on Clicking New Payment, 100% solution

Google Pay Hangs when clicking new payment

Some of you may have experienced this error in google pay while making a new transaction. When clicking on New Payment, Google Pay hangs for a few seconds to show the next options. Here is the solution for fixing it.

Go to App Icon, Press and Hold
In the App Info Screen Press on Permissions
In permission list here contacts is in allowed list

Uncheck contacts from allowed list to denied

Now you can see, contacts is in denied list

Problem Solved.! Now you can make fast transaction using google pay

Google Pay using contacts for easy payment to friends and families. But if you have more number of contacts in your phone book, google pay takes time to load and check your google pay contacts. This will take a few seconds depending upon the performance of your device. This is the reason for APP not responding error or google pay lags on clicking new payments.

This is not actually a bug from google. But for this time your issue will solve to an extent.

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