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WhatsApp Click to Chat feature allows you to send messages to unsaved numbers

Sending messages on WhatsApp is easy and convenient. Blame this convenience only that we often end up adding a bunch of new contacts in our chat list just because we quiackly want to send a text to someone and the chat app does not allow you to send messages until you don’t save that contact. Well, WhatsApp has a solution to this headache. The Facebook-owned chat app has launched a new Click to chat feature that allows you to send messages to unsaved numbers also.

WhatsApp is recently focussing its attention on the newly launched WhatsApp Business app. There is a possibility that this new feature could have been launched in line with the business app so that users do not have to spam their contact list with a long list of unknown people.

Meanwhile, Click to chat feature is already available for Android and WhatsApp web users. To know how this new feature works, follow the steps:


— User need to create a chat link with ‘https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=’.

— Now enter the phone number of the recipient to which you want to send the message at the end of this link. The phone number should contain no special character and country code before the phone number.

— Enter this URL in Chrome and it will next ask you to initiate conversation with that person.

— Start messaging the person without saving his or her number.

More clarity is required on this feature like how will this be useful or will this be the exact way to access the feature in future.

WhatsApp has also introduced a bunch of new features to offer more powers to a group admin. With the latest Demote admin feature, you can demote the other admin in a group to a group participant without having to remove him or her from the group.

The chat app is also working on Restrict group feature that will allow group admin to decide who can change the group’s description or icon. They can choose if only group admin can change the group description or all participants. To access this feature go to Group info > Group settings > Edit group info.


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