Apple’s Next-Gen HomePod

Apple’s Next-Gen HomePod: A Glimpse into the Future with LCD Display

Apple's Next-Gen HomePod

Apple, the tech behemoth, is no stranger to innovation. Recently, leaks have surfaced, hinting at a significant evolution in Apple’s smart speaker lineup: a HomePod equipped with an LCD display. Here’s a comprehensive look at what these leaks reveal:

1. The Prototype:

Leaked images have showcased what appears to be a prototype of Apple’s HomePod with an LCD screen. This isn’t the first time such a device has been hinted at. Sources, including Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, have previously reported on Apple’s endeavors to integrate a display into the HomePod, aiming to solidify its position in the smart home devices segment. The prototype, codenamed ‘B720’, displays an app titled LcdUTest, presumably an internal application used by Apple engineers to test the HomePod’s LCD screen.

2. The Design:

The design of this prototype HomePod seems to be in line with the 2nd generation HomePod. The most striking feature is the significant touchscreen sensor located prominently on the device’s upper section. The touchscreen is set with a black bezel, and the overall design is reminiscent of the HomePod 2nd Generation announced earlier this year.

Apple's Next-Gen HomePod

3. Functionality and Integration:

Reports suggest that the upcoming HomePod might run on a forked version of tvOS, referred to as “homeOS.” This would allow the HomePod to natively run apps and services without a traditional user interface. Initial apps expected to be integrated include Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, which will be redesigned to be compatible with the new display format. Additionally, the HomePod’s smart display is anticipated to exhibit dynamic blurred animations, reflecting the predominant colors of the album or podcast artwork being played.

4. Enhanced Features:

With the integration of the LCD screen, Apple is exploring the addition of functionalities such as answering calls, displaying notifications, matching the display color to the music album art, and responding to messages using pre-configured texts and emojis.

5. Market Context:

The move to integrate a display into the HomePod is seen as Apple’s response to the growing demand for integrated displays in smart home devices. This innovation aims not just at differentiation but also at enhancing the user experience.

6. Release and Speculations:

While there’s no official confirmation on when this new HomePod will be launched, the leaks make it clear that Apple is considering a significant overhaul of the HomePod. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has speculated that the Apple HomePod 2024 release might sport a 7-inch display.

Apple's Next-Gen HomePod


Apple’s potential move to diversify its HomePod with an LCD screen is a testament to its commitment to innovation and user experience. As the tech world eagerly awaits more official announcements, these leaks provide a tantalizing glimpse into the future of smart home devices.

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