Arduino Dark Theme

How to set Arduino Dark Theme in Windows

I created this project because I dislike the usual colour palette of the Arduino IDE, which consists of green, orange, and white. Furthermore, there aren’t many other themes to choose from. Here we have added a zip file of Arduino Dark Theme, which is nice, but I prefer a different colour scheme.

Step by Step Instruction to Set Dark Theme

Step 1

Download the Dark Theme zip file from here: Download

Step 2

Replace the “Theme” folder inside the Arduino installation folder

Go to the directory where Arduino is installed. The default directory is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\lib”. Copy the original “theme” folder to another location for backup. Then drag the “theme” folder from the .zip-file into the lib folder and from the dialog box click replace all.

Step 3

Change Preferences.txt

Open the preferences.txt file for Arduino. The default location is C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Arduino15. To help find it, you can also go into the Arduino IDE->File->Preferences and click the link on the bottom.

Arduino Dark Theme Preferences

Remember to close the Arduino IDE before editing the preferences.txt!

Change the line that says “editor.font=…” to the following:

“editor.font=Consolas, plain, 14”

This will give the Arduino IDE a font that looks very similar to the One Dark Pro theme.

Arduino Dark Theme
Arduino Dark Theme

Done ! Enjoy

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