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Google Maps Introduces 3D Building Navigation on Mobile and Android Auto

Google Maps has long been a staple for navigation and location services. Recently, it has introduced an innovative feature that enhances the user experience by incorporating 3D buildings into its navigation system on both mobile apps and Android Auto.

3D Buildings in Google Maps

Historically, Google Maps displayed buildings in 3D in its standard map view. However, this feature wasn’t available during navigation. Now, Google Maps is testing the display of 3D buildings in the navigation mode on both Android and iOS apps. To view these 3D buildings during navigation, users must enable the 3D view before starting their navigation and zoom in sufficiently​​.

Integration with Android Auto

The 3D building feature is also making its way into Android Auto, albeit to a lesser extent currently. While the feature has been available on mobile phones, its integration into Android Auto is still in the testing phase. Some users on Reddit have reported seeing 3D buildings on Google Maps via Android Auto, where the buildings become transparent when they obstruct the route. This feature was first noticed in mid-December by a few users and has been observed by more users recently​​.


Google Maps’ introduction of 3D buildings in navigation mode marks a significant enhancement in its functionality, offering a more immersive and informative experience for users. While still in the testing phase, particularly on Android Auto, this feature demonstrates Google’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in navigation technology.

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