iOS 17.1 RC2 for iPhone 15

Apple Pushes iOS 17.1 RC2: Technical Details of the Update

iOS 17.1 RC2 for iPhone 15

Apple has recently unveiled the iOS 17.1 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) specifically for the iPhone 15 models. This updated build of the iOS 17.1 RC software update is tailored for the four models within the iPhone 15 and Pro series. As it stands, this version is a test, with the official stable version set to be released in the coming days. For those wary of test versions, it’s advisable to hold off until the stable version is available. This post delves into the new features, bug fixes, and the process to download this update.

iOS 17.1 RC2 for iPhone 15

What is iOS 17.1 RC2?

iOS 17.1 RC2 is the latest build of the iOS 17.1 Release Candidate software update, designed for iPhone 15 models. This update encompasses bug fixes, enhancements, and security updates for the iPhone. The release notes for the initial iOS 17.1 RC build highlighted a fix for an issue that could lead to display image persistence. However, it remains uncertain if this issue has been completely addressed in RC2.

New Features and Bug Fixes in iOS 17.1 RC2:

  • Fix for Screen Burn: A significant concern addressed in this update is screen burn. This is when an image or pattern gets “burned” into the display after being shown for an extended duration. Some iPhone 15 users reported this issue, prompting Apple to release RC2 as a solution.
  • AirDrop Transfers Over the Internet: This feature allows AirDrop transfers to persist over the internet if you move out of the AirDrop range. This ensures uninterrupted content transfer even when out of range.
  • Enhancements to StandBy and Apple Music: This update introduces new control options post screen turn-off, available only for specific iPhone models. It also brings improvements to StandBy and Apple Music, expanding Favourites to encompass songs, albums, and playlists. Additionally, a new dynamic cover art collection adjusts colors in line with your playlist’s music, and song suggestions now appear at the bottom of each playlist.
  • Flashlight Indicator on Dynamic Island: Initially exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro models, this feature is now accessible for iPhone 14 Pro and all iPhone 15 models.
  • AirDrop with Cellular Data: As teased during the WWDC 2023 keynote, AirDrop can now function even without Wi-Fi.
  • StandBy Mode Tweaks: StandBy Mode now offers customization options, allowing users to set automatic turn-off timings.
  • Upgrade and Bug Fixes: This update brings a plethora of improvements and fixes, ranging from selecting specific albums for photo shuffle on the lock screen to optimizing car crash detection.

How to Download iOS 17.1 RC2?

Developers can access the new build via the link in the release notes. Alternatively, users can navigate to Settings > General > Software Update and select iOS 17 Developer Beta from the Beta Updates row.


Apple’s release of the second RC version of iOS 17.1, specifically for iPhone 15 models, brings a host of new features and bug fixes. While it addresses several issues present in the previous RC version, it’s crucial to await the final iOS 17.1 release before drawing any conclusions regarding the new features and improvements. The official release date for iOS 17.1 is anticipated to be October 24, 2023.

Developers can access the new build via the provided link in the release notes. For users, the path is through Settings > General > Software Update, where they can choose iOS 17 Developer Beta from the Beta Updates row. What are your thoughts on this new RC2 update from Apple? Would you opt for this version or hold out for the stable release? Share your views in the comments below.

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