iPhone Users Switching to Android !!?

Reasons for iPhone 15 OverHeating Issue and Possible Technical Solutions

iPhone 15 overheating

Apple’s iPhone 15 has been the talk of the town, but not all for the right reasons. Many users have reported overheating issues with the device. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this and the possible solutions Apple might implement.

Reasons for Overheating:

  1. Software Bugs: Apple has confirmed that some of its new iPhone 15 models are overheating due to software-related issues1.
  2. Third-party Apps: Overheating can occur with some recently updated third-party apps, causing them to overload the system. Notable apps causing this issue include Instagram, Uber, and the arcade racing game Asphalt 91.
  3. iOS 17 Bug: Apple discovered a bug in iOS 17 impacting some users, which might be contributing to the overheating1.
  4. Increased Background Activity: Apple mentioned that the device might feel warmer during the first few days after setting up or restoring the device because of increased background activity1.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Software Update: Apple is working on rolling out software updates to address the overheating issue1.
  2. Collaboration with App Developers: Apple is working with third-party app developers, like those of Instagram, Uber, and Asphalt 9, to roll out fixes1.
  3. Internal Protections: iPhones have internal protections for components to help regulate the temperature if it gets too high1.

CPU Clock Speed Reduction and Penalties:

In the past, Apple faced criticism and penalties for deliberately slowing down older iPhone models. The company was fined 25 million euros (£21m, $27m) by France’s competition and fraud watchdog DGCCRF for not making it clear to consumers that it slowed down old iPhones2. Apple’s approach was to limit peak power spikes by reducing the CPU frequencies over time as a function of battery wear to prolong the life of the devices.

Will iPhone Users Switch to Android and Google Pixel?

iPhone 15 overheating

Google has been making a strong case for iPhone users to switch to Android. They launched a “Switch to Android” iOS app that first worked with Pixel phones and is now expanding to all Android 12 phones3. Google also listed “10 reasons to switch to Android,” highlighting features like Gboard, Google Meet, Google Play Store, privacy-first approach, and more3.

However, whether iPhone users will make the switch en masse remains to be seen. Brand loyalty, ecosystem lock-in, and personal preferences play a significant role in such decisions.


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