Kochi Airport Launches FASTag Smart Parking

Kochi Airport Launches FASTag Smart Parking – Quicker, Efficient Vehicle Management

The Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL), operating Kerala’s largest and busiest airport at Nedumbassery near Kochi, is set to revolutionize vehicle parking with the introduction of FASTag and Smart Parking System. This innovative system, becoming operational on December 1, aims to significantly streamline the parking process at the airport.

Streamlining Parking with Cutting-Edge Technology

CIAL has successfully run a trial phase demonstrating the efficiency of the new system. With the introduction of this cutting-edge technology, the airport aims to reduce the waiting time at entry-exit points of vehicle parking from approximately 2 minutes to a mere 8 seconds. This remarkable improvement is a testament to the effectiveness of the FASTag and Smart Parking System in managing vehicle flow.

Enhanced Parking Capacity

CIAL boasts a parking capacity for 2,800 vehicles across its domestic and international terminals. The FASTag system, an electronic toll collection system operated by the National Highways Authority of India, will now be used for both parking and entry to the airport. A dedicated lane will temporarily accommodate vehicles without FASTag.

Addressing Local Needs

Responding to long-standing demands from local authorities and the police, CIAL has developed additional parking space for commercial taxi services, which previously parked on the roadside leading to the airport. This initiative not only improves parking facilities but also streamlines traffic management around the airport area.

How the FASTag and Smart Parking System Works

The system’s key features include:

  • Parking Management System (PMS): Aimed at optimizing parking operations for efficiency.
  • Parking Guidance System (PGS): Ensures smooth navigation during entry-exit and within the parking facility.
  • Parking Slot Counting System: Provides real-time updates on available parking spaces.
  • Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR): Integrated with the ticketing system for precise vehicle entry time counting.

Self-Service and Mobile Integration

The parking management system is equipped with 900 ANPR cameras for meticulous oversight and efficient management. Additionally, there are pay-on-foot stations, allowing passengers to handle parking payments automatically. A customized mobile portal available through the CIAL mobile application enables passengers to book parking slots effortlessly.


The introduction of FASTag and Smart Parking at Kochi Airport is a significant step towards modernizing the airport’s infrastructure. This system not only enhances the efficiency of vehicle management but also improves the overall experience for passengers and taxi services. With this initiative, CIAL sets a new standard in airport parking management.

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