Microsoft’s Glass Marvel: 75TB Storage in Quartz

Project Silica proof of concept stores Warner Bros. ‘Superman’ movie on 75TB Storage in Quartz

75TB Storage in a Glass, Project silica
Project Silica proof of concept stores Warner Bros. ‘Superman’ movie on quartz glass

In an era where data is king, Microsoft’s Project Silica is making waves by demonstrating the ability to store a staggering 75TB Storage in Quartz glass no larger than a drink coaster. This breakthrough in data storage technology was showcased with the successful storage and retrieval of the entire 1978 iconic “Superman” movie on this tiny glass medium.

Advantages of Project Silica

  • Durability: The hard silica glass can withstand extreme conditions, including boiling, baking, microwaving, and environmental threats like floods and demagnetization, making it an ideal medium for preserving historical archives and cultural treasures.
  • Longevity: Unlike traditional storage media that require regular transfers to newer media, glass storage is permanent, potentially preserving data for centuries.
  • Environmental Benefits: Quartz glass does not require energy-intensive air conditioning or moisture removal systems, reducing the environmental footprint of large-scale data storage.

Speed and Accuracy

Project Silica uses ultrafast laser optics and artificial intelligence to encode and read data. This method allows for rapid data retrieval, akin to accessing any point within the glass square instantly, significantly reducing lag time compared to traditional storage methods like tape.

Use Cases

The primary application of Project Silica is for “cold” data storage – archival data that is not frequently accessed but holds significant value. This includes medical records, financial regulation data, legal contracts, and geologic information pertinent to energy exploration.

Future Developments

Microsoft researchers are working on increasing the speed and density of data writing and reading. The goal is to make Project Silica a viable option for cloud-scale storage, eliminating the need for costly and frequent data migration to newer formats.


  • Early Stage: Project Silica is still in the experimental phase, and practical, widespread application is yet to be realized.
  • Specialized Reading Infrastructure: Currently, specific infrastructure is required to read data from the glass archives, which may limit its immediate adoption.


Microsoft’s Project Silica represents a significant leap in data storage technology, offering a sustainable, durable, and long-term solution for data preservation. While still in its developmental stages, its potential impact on how we store and preserve digital information is immense, promising a future where data can be securely stored for millennia.

Project Silica – Storing Data in Glass

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