Mysterious UFO Sighting Near Imphal Airport

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Disrupts Flights at Imphal Airport

Date: November 20, 2023

A recent event has stirred up both curiosity and concern in the skies above Imphal. A video capturing an unidentified flying object (UFO) near Imphal Airport has surfaced, sparking widespread intrigue and a flurry of activity among aviation authorities.

The Sighting:

On a seemingly ordinary Sunday, the skies above Imphal Airport witnessed an extraordinary event. A UFO, initially thought to be an unidentified drone, was seen hovering in the vicinity. This mysterious object was captured on video, providing tangible evidence of its presence.

Impact on Airport Operations:

The appearance of the UFO had a significant impact on the airport’s operations. Flight activities were disrupted for several hours, indicating the seriousness with which the incident was taken by the authorities. The disruption highlights the challenges and uncertainties that such unexplained phenomena pose to aviation safety.

Response by the Air Force:

In response to the sighting, the Indian Air Force took decisive action. Two Rafale fighter jets were scrambled to investigate and search for the UFO. This rapid response underscores the readiness and vigilance of the Air Force in dealing with potential aerial threats or unknown entities.

The Mystery Deepens:

Despite the swift action by the Air Force, the UFO was not found. This adds to the mystery and raises several questions about the nature of the object and its origins. Was it a sophisticated drone, a natural phenomenon, or something else entirely?


The UFO sighting near Imphal Airport remains an enigma. While it has not posed any immediate threat, it serves as a reminder of the unexplained mysteries that still exist in our skies. As we continue to explore and understand our atmosphere, incidents like these remind us of the vast unknowns that still await discovery.

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