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Sample Audio Files of Different File Format

Here are the 7 popular audio file format and their sample audio files.


The MP3 audio file is a MPEG audio layer 3 file format. The key feature of MP3 files is the compression that saves valuable space while maintaining the near-flawless quality of the original source of the sound. This compression makes the MP3 very popular for all mobile audio-playing devices.

Download MP3 Sample FIle: Download Here


WAV audio file is a Waveform Audio File that stores waveform data. The waveform data stored presents an image that demonstrates the strength of volume and sound in specific parts of the WAV file. It is entirely possible to transform a WAV file using compression, though it’s not standard. Also, the WAV is typically used on Windows systems.

Download WAV Sample FIle: Download Here


The WMA (Windows Media Audio) is a Windows-based alternative to the more common and popular MP3 file type. What makes it so beneficial is its lossless compression, retaining high audio quality throughout all types of restructuring processes. Even though it’s such a quality audio format, it’s not the most popular due to the fact it’s inaccessible to many users, especially those who don’t use the Windows operating system.

Download WMA Sample FIle: Download Here


The AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is an audio file that delivers decently high-quality sound and is enhanced using advanced coding. It has never been one of the most popular audio formats, especially when it comes to music files, but the AAC does still serve some purpose for major systems. This includes popular mobile devices and video gaming units, where the AAC is a standard audio component.

Download WMA Sample FIle: Download Here


An MP4 audio file is often mistaken as an improved version of the MP3 file. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The two are completely different and the similarities come from their namesake rather than their functionality. Also, note that the MP4 is sometimes referred to as a video file instead of an audio file. This isn’t an error, as in fact, it’s both an audio and video file.

Download MP4 Sample FIle: Download Here


The FLAC audio file is Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is an audio file compressed into a smaller size of the original file. It’s a sophisticated file type that is lesser-used among audio formats. This is because, even though it has its advantages, it often needs special downloads to function. When you consider that audio files are shared often, this can make for quite an inconvenience to each new user who receives one.

Download FLAC Sample FIle: Download Here


The M4A is a MPEG-4 audio file. It is an audio-compressed file used in the modern setting due to increased quality demand as a result of cloud storage and bigger hard drive space in contemporary computers. Its high quality keeps it relevant, as users who need to hear distinct sounds on audio files will need this over more common file types.

Download M4A Sample FIle: Download Here

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