App name is not indexed in Google play store

Can’t find my app in Google Play

I had uploaded an app on the google play store and it is published and live. When I search it on play store, nothing found, even all the related app passes by but my app does not found. When searching with package name it shows up. What is a possible reason for it?

Reply from support :

Thanks for contacting Google Play Developer Support.

I understand it can be frustrating to keep searching for your app;ocation on Google Play. Please note, we show a limited number of search results in Google Play to ensure the best user experience. If your app’s search rank for a specific term is too low, your app will not display in results. Keep in mind, however, that your application is always available by direct link (, which you can share with users as you actively market your app. 

Many factors go into the Google Play search results, and while you can’t control all of them, you can try to find the application by searching pname:com.xxxx at This verifies whether your app was correctly included in the search index or not. As long as you can find the app with the prefix of pname, you can be assured that the app is indexed, and the next thing you need to do is to improve your app’s visibility. Here are some tips that can help your app’s visibility on Google Play:    Build a lasting and meaningful experience for your users   

Maintain and improve your app through regular updates   
Encourage users to provide feedback by leaving reviews and ratings for your app    Provide great customer service by responding to your users and addressing issues to improve your app’s visibility, I recommend downloading the Playbook for Developers App on Google Play. I hope these suggestions help. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Google Play Developer Support

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