Google Keep Introduces AI-Powered ‘Magic Lists’

Google Keep Working on AI-Powered ‘Magic Lists’

Google is taking another leap in integrating generative AI into its applications. The latest addition is the “Magic Lists” feature in Google Keep, designed to serve as a creative note-taking aid.

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What is the “Magic Lists” Feature in Google Keep?

The “Magic Lists” feature allows users to input a prompt, which should be longer than three words, such as “A packing list for a camping trip with kids.” In response, Google Keep will generate relevant bullet points for the user. This functionality bears resemblance to the “List It” experiment from the first season of AI Test Kitchen, introduced in 2022. In that experiment, users could specify a goal or topic, and the AI would break it down into multiple lists of subtasks.

However, Google emphasizes that this creative note-taking aid is not intended to be factual. The company has included a disclaimer stating that the generated list items should not be considered as factual information. This is likely to prevent users from relying on the AI-generated output for critical tasks. An error message has also been incorporated, stating, “We are still learning, and can’t help with that.”

Similar to the “Help me write” feature in Gmail, users will have the option to review the suggested list before adding it to their note.

Availability and Future Prospects

The “Magic Lists” feature has been spotted in version 5.23.422.03.90 of Google Keep for Android. It is expected to be accessible from within a note, although it hasn’t been rolled out yet.

Looking at the broader picture, it’s intriguing to speculate about the future of Google’s work on NotebookLM, previously known as Tailwind. Some believe that integrating it into Google Docs might be more logical. The idea is to have a tool or template accessible from the Smart Chips @-menu for study purposes. This seems more plausible than integrating it into Google Keep, especially considering that the generative AI tool appears to be more comprehensive and might be too advanced for a simple note-taking app like Keep.


Google’s continuous efforts to enhance its applications with AI capabilities are evident with the introduction of the “Magic Lists” feature in Google Keep. While it promises to be a creative aid for note-taking, users are advised to use it judiciously and not rely on it for factual information. It remains to be seen how this feature will be received by the users and how it will evolve in the future.

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