OpenAI DevDay | ChatGPTs New Features

Advancements and Innovations in OpenAI DevDay ChatGPTs

OpenAI DevDay | ChatGPT New Features
  • 🚀 OpenAI’s ChatGPT now boasts voice and vision capabilities, transforming it into a more interactive and versatile AI tool.
  • 💼 OpenAI is launching a new program called Custom Models, where researchers will work closely with companies to create a unique AI model tailored to their specific use case.
  • 🔧 With GPTs, you can program an AI with language just by talking to it, revolutionizing the way we interact with technology.
  • 🎮 uses GPT to creatively explain complex coding concepts like loops to middle schoolers, making it easier for them to understand.
  • 🤖 OpenAI is launching the GPT Store, where creators can list their GPTs and potentially earn a portion of the revenue.
  • 📱 With just a few lines of code, users can now have a very specialized AI assistant right inside their app.
  • 🤖 OpenAI’s new stateful API simplifies the process of integrating AI with UI, eliminating the need to resend the entire conversation history with every API call.
  • 🤖 Code Interpreter can simplify complex tasks, even calculating your share of an AirBNB stay and flight costs, making it a powerful tool for building finance apps.
  • 🗣️ OpenAI’s whisper can convert voice input into text, and the new SSI can make it speak, providing a rich text or voice conversation for end users.

OpenAI’s Approach to Safety and User Accessibility

  • 🎉 The integration of voice input and back-and-forth dialogue in AI technology is transforming lives, especially for those with physical limitations.
  • 🛡️ “We’re very grounded in the fact that safety matters and safety is not something that you care about later.”
  • 🔧 OpenAI emphasizes the importance of gradual, iterative deployment to address safety challenges with AI, highlighting the need for careful progress and societal consideration.
  • 💻 OpenAI is making it possible for people to program GPTs through conversation, even if they don’t know how to code.

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