Pixel Launcher’s Innovative Quick Settings Search: Enhancing User Convenience on Android

Discover how the latest Pixel Launcher update on Android 14 QPR2 Beta streamlines access to Quick Settings Tiles, transforming user experience

In a significant update to its operating system, Google has introduced a new feature in the Pixel Launcher, available with the Android 14 QPR2 beta 2 update. This enhancement allows users to search for Quick Settings Tiles directly from the Pixel Launcher, offering a more intuitive and convenient way to access various system settings.

The Evolution of Pixel Launcher Search

Originally spotted in December, this feature’s first iteration is now widely rolling out. When users search for a system setting in the Pixel Launcher, corresponding Quick Settings Tiles appear, which are fully interactive. This means that users can toggle these settings on or off, or open panels directly from the search results, without having to navigate through multiple menus. This feature includes a variety of settings, such as Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Camera access, Mic access, Wallet, Flashlight, Do Not Disturb, Dark theme, and more​​.

The Evolution of Pixel Launcher Search

Enhancements and Limitations

Pixel Launcher’s search functionality is enhanced by this update, but it’s important to note that it does not surface third-party or non-system Quick Settings Tiles. This includes tools like Digital Wellbeing, Google’s Recorder, or Calculator. The feature builds on and replaces how Pixel Launcher already surfaces some settings, presenting them inline with switches, and is a part of a server-side update on Android 14 QPR1 and QPR2 beta phones, including the Pixel Fold and Tablet​​.

However, one limitation noted is that the Quick Settings Tiles do not appear at the top of the screen in the current iteration. Instead, they are placed near the bottom as part of the “From your apps” section. This placement might make the feature less noticeable until users scroll down or dismiss the keyboard. In previous testing phases, the Tiles appeared more prominently below the row of app results, which may be an enhancement that Google could roll out in the future​​.

Broader Implications for Android Users

The latest update offers instant access to a wider range of controls directly from the home screen. For example, users can toggle Do Not Disturb or share their Wi-Fi password without needing to swipe down twice. This integration aims to replace the existing “From your apps” section for settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, offering a more uniform and easily discoverable experience. It also surfaces actions that users might not have known existed, such as turning on the flashlight or scanning a QR code, all within the Quick Settings interface​​.


Google’s update to the Pixel Launcher on Android 14 QPR2 beta 2 marks a significant step towards enhancing user convenience and efficiency. By integrating Quick Settings Tiles into the Pixel Launcher search, Google not only simplifies the user interface but also encourages users to explore and utilize a broader range of settings that Android offers.

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