The Curious Case of the ‘Too Honest’ Rejection Email

When Professionalism Takes a Backseat: A Tale of an IT Company’s Uniquely Harsh Job Rejection Email

In an age where social media can turn any private correspondence into a public spectacle, a US-based IT company, Elite Software Automation, recently learned this lesson the hard way. Their rejection email to a Frontend Software Engineer applicant has become the talk of the internet, not for its eloquence, but for its strikingly blunt and aggressive tone.

A Rejection Email Like No Other

It all started when a rejection email sent by Elite Software Automation to a job applicant found its way onto the Reddit forum “antiwork.” The email’s content was so jarringly straightforward that it quickly captured the attention of netizens, gathering over 900 upvotes and hundreds of comments. The company didn’t just inform the candidate of their failed application; it went a step further by stating that any further attempts to apply or retake the test would lead to an automatic decline and blacklisting from any future applications​​.

“No Excuses Accepted Here!”

In a tone that could be mistaken for a tough-love motivational speaker, the email explicitly mentions that the company does not accept excuses, be it feeling unwell, rushing, or internet issues. It advises the rejected candidate to toughen up, stating, “life is hard, and part of any professional or personal development is dealing with rejection and finding ways to improve.” The email concludes by suggesting the candidate use this rejection as an opportunity for self-reflection and improvement​​.

Public Outrage and Mockery

The audacity of the email sparked a flurry of reactions on Reddit, ranging from disbelief to humor. Comments ranged from users declaring the rejection as “the hardest they’ve ever seen” to others planning to apply just to get blacklisted by the company. The overall sentiment was one of shock, with many considering the email a glaring red flag about the company’s potential work culture. Some even speculated about how the company might treat its actual employees, given the tone of the rejection letter​​​​.

A Reflection on Job Rejection Etiquette

This incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance required in job rejection communications. While honesty is appreciated, empathy and professionalism should not be sidelined. Most companies strive to maintain a balance between being straightforward and considerate, but Elite Software Automation’s approach certainly broke the conventional mold, perhaps not in the way they intended.


The viral rejection email from Elite Software Automation stands as a unique example of communication gone awry. It’s a cautionary tale about the importance of tone and empathy in professional settings, reminding us that sometimes, less is more when it comes to delivering bad news. In the digital age, where every email has the potential to go viral, a little courtesy can go a long way.

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