ChatGPT Server Down 8 Oct 2023

Major Outage across ChatGPT and API on Nov 08, 2023 – 05:54 PST

ChatGPT Server Down happened on Nov 082023 – 05:54 PST after 46 minutes the API team confirmed the high error rates across the API and ChatGPT and after 1 hour only they identified the issue completely.

ChatGPT Server Down 8-oct-2023

This is the 3rd time the ChatGPT Server Down within the past 3 months.

Past Incidents

On 15 Sep 2023

High error rates for sampling requests to fine tuned snapshots (babbage-002, davinci-002, gpt-3.5-turbo)

Elevated error rates across multiple models (text, image, and audio)

On 19 Oct 2023

Elevated API Errors

On 8 Nov 2023

Major Outage across ChatGPT and API

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