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Pet Lovers Application

Here is the newly launched trending community application in India “PAWST”, PAWST is the best app for pet lovers. Now available in Google Play Store.

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PAWST is the most popular and rapidly expanding social networking site dedicated solely to pets. Through PAWST users share beautiful moments with their pets, as well as ask questions about pet care, breeding, and feeding. Users can also interact with one another by following them, chatting. This contributes to the growth of a more active pet-loving community.

PAWST is currently available for pet lovers only in India

PAWST App features

✓ Log in with Google or Mobile Number
✓ Simple, and easy account creation
✓ Post your wonderful moments with pets to a larger community
✓ View other pet lovers posts in your updates feed
✓ Reacting to other’s community posts
✓ Follow your favorite pet’s profile to get more updates
✓ The more active profile will get badges from PAWST
✓ Chat with other pet owners through PAWST
✓ Share Images or Audio through chat
✓ Notification on activities in your or reacted posts
✓ Pet profile creation and reminder management

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