WhatsApp’s New ‘Filter Group Chats’ Feature on Android

WhatsApp’s New ‘Filter Group Chats’ Feature on Android: A Comprehensive Report

WhatsApp's New 'Filter Group Chats'

Meta-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp, is in the process of developing a new feature titled “filter groups chat” for Android users. This feature aims to provide users with enhanced control over their conversations, streamlining the management and prioritization of messages.

Feature Insights

  • Functionality: The new feature will enable users to view a list of their group chats while excluding individual conversations. This distinction ensures that users can efficiently manage group conversations without the clutter of individual chats.
  • Renaming Filters: The “Personal” filter, which previously encompassed both group and individual chats, has been renamed to “Contacts.” This new “Contacts” filter will solely include individual conversations. Additionally, the “Business” filter has been removed.
  • Purpose: Given that users often join multiple WhatsApp groups for diverse reasons, such as work, family, friends, or hobbies, this dedicated filter will facilitate quick access to group conversations. The filter ensures that users are exclusively viewing group chats, enhancing the user experience.
WhatsApp's New 'Filter Group Chats'

Development Status

The feature to filter group chats is currently under development. It is anticipated to be available in a forthcoming update of the app. Alongside this, WhatsApp is also reportedly introducing a multi-account feature and a revamped settings interface for beta testers on Android.

Related Developments

  • WhatsApp Web: A similar feature is reportedly in the works for WhatsApp Web. This will allow users to categorize their conversations, making it easier to sort and manage chats on the web client.
  • Original Quality Photos and Videos: Another notable update is the potential introduction of sending photos and videos in their original quality.


As WhatsApp continues to evolve, the introduction of features like the “filter groups chat” showcases the platform’s commitment to enhancing user experience. By providing tools that cater to the diverse needs of its vast user base, WhatsApp remains at the forefront of instant messaging platforms.


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