WhatsApp’s Secret Code Creation for Locked Chats

WhatsApp’s Secret Code Creation for Locked Chats: An In-depth Analysis

WhatsApp's Secret Code

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is reportedly in the development phase of a novel feature that will significantly enhance chat privacy. This feature, termed the “secret code creation,” is designed to provide users with a custom password for their protected chat folders.

Feature Breakdown

  • Functionality: The secret code creation feature will allow users to set up a unique code for their locked chats. This code can be used to swiftly locate locked conversations, even within the app’s search bar.
  • Technical Specifications: The feature is designed to be user-friendly. As per the creation form, WhatsApp suggests users opt for a word or a simple emoji, ensuring quick access.
  • Cross-Device Synchronization: An exciting aspect of this feature is its ability to synchronize chat locks across all linked devices. This means that if a chat is locked on one device, it remains locked on all other devices where the user’s WhatsApp account is active.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The introduction of this feature is expected to significantly improve user experience, especially for those who prioritize chat privacy.

Additional Insights

  • Legal Implications: In addition to enhancing chat privacy, WhatsApp is also working on features to keep channel creators informed about the status of their channels, especially when they are restricted in specific countries. This is in response to local laws that mandate platforms to limit access to certain content within designated regions.
  • Future Developments: While the secret code creation feature is currently under development, it is anticipated to be rolled out in a forthcoming update. Furthermore, there are hints of an upcoming feature that will allow users to send videos in HD quality.


WhatsApp’s continuous efforts to enhance user privacy and experience are evident in its innovative features. The secret code creation for locked chats is a testament to the platform’s commitment to ensuring user data protection and privacy. As users await the official rollout of this feature, it’s clear that WhatsApp is setting new standards in the realm of digital communication.


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